Session : Adaptation to climate change

Session : Adaptation to climate change

Session : Adaptation to climate change

Issues to be considered for strategic adaptation to climate evolution, by H.R. Schultz (Hochschule Geisenheim University, Germany)

Modified grape composition under Climate Change conditions requires adaptations in the vineyard, by C. van Leeuwen (Bordeaux Sciences Agro, France)

Projections of Suitable Wine Growing Regions and Varieties: Adaptation in Space or Place?, by E. Forrestel (Harvard University, USA)

How to translate narrative scenarios in landscape dynamics:  Application to the introduction of irrigation in vineyards, by F. Vinatier (INRA-Montpellier, France)

Vineyard drought adaptation in the Douro Demarcated Region, by F. Alves (Symington Family Estates, Portugal)

Cooperative winery can be a major actor to adapt viticulture locally?, by E. Delay (University of Limoges, France)

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Climate change and adaptation: Alsace and Loire Valley vintners’ challenging point of view, by G. Teil (INRA-Paris, France)

Process-based models for analysing grapevine genotype adaptation to climate change: issues and challenges, by P. Vivin (INRA-Bordeaux, France)

How can grapevine genetics contribute to the adaptation to climate change?, by E. Duchêne (INRA-Colmar, France)

New plant phenotyping technologies in a changing climate, by J. Tardaguila (ICVV-Logrono, Spain)

How to adapt winemaking practices to modified grape composition under climate change conditions?, by J.M. Sablayrolles (INRA-Montpellier, France)

Severe trimming and enhanced competition of laterals as a tool to delay ripening in Tempranillo vineyards under semiarid conditions, by L.G. Santesteban (University of Navarra, Spain)

Should water supply by irrigation be soon a technique to manage aromatic potential of Colombard in South-Western France Gascony vineyard?, by T. Dufourcq (IFV, France)

Canopy manipulations to delay ripening: A case study for Pinot noir and Sauvignon blanc, by A. Parker (Lincoln University, New Zealand)

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